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With mountains in its westernmost half and oceans on its east side, the state of Virginia has a lot to offer to both its residents and its visitors. In addition to its diverse geographical features, Virginia also has a diverse mix of automobile insurance companies. Many specialize in automobile and related forms of insurance policies, while some provide a range of different coverage.

Before you finalize your car insurance purchase, it’s helpful to know the following tips. Try to compare the benefits of the various policies that companies offer.

  • Shop for what you need: Some car insurance companies specialize in offering policies to drivers with poor driving records or DUIs, for example.
  • Collision Coverage: Keep your eyes peeled for collision coverage. Some policies, while significantly cheaper than others, will only offer half or 1/3 of the value of needed repairs, in the event of a car accident.
  • Incentives: Many automobile insurance companies provide incentives to good drivers if they maintain an excellent driving record for a period of time. These incentives can be monetary or in other forms.

Here are just a few auto insurance companies to consider in Virginia:

Bailey Auto Insurance

Bailey Auto Insurance is an insurance agency that specializes in policies for automobiles. While cars are its specialty, Bailey Auto Insurance also offers coverage for motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Bailey Auto Insurance is located in the city of Richmond. The agency provides its services for the city and its surrounding areas.

D & L Insurance Agency

Serving the historic city of Fredericksburg and its surrounding areas, D & L Insurance Agency offers a broad selection of insurance policies for its customers to choose from, if they need any. In addition to excellent automobile coverage, D & L Insurance also offers home, life, health, commercial, and recreational vehicle insurance policies. Their website is professional and easy to use and features an excellent quote tool.

Advantage Insurance Agency

Advantage Insurance Agency is located in the city of Manassas. Advantage Insurance Agency offers, primarily, vehicle-based insurance policies but also can provide coverage for businesses and homes. Life insurance is also available through Advantage Insurance Agency.


D & L Insurance Agency certainly has the best selection of coverage available for prospective customers. Advantage Insurance Agency has a decent range of policies offered as well and has a website that’s easy to use if you’re in need of information about the company. Bailey Auto Insurance, while only offering automobile and related forms of insurance, has a wide range of coverage available for those looking for policies for recreational, business, or personal vehicles.