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New Jersey is a finger-like state that’s famous for its strong cultural heritage as well as Jersey City, which legally allows gambling to occur within its boundaries. New Jersey is quite a populous city, in addition to all of this. Its residents need insurance, especially in its larger cities. Thankfully, great automobile insurance is just a phone call away, in most situations. Let’s take a look at three great automobile insurance companies in the state of New Jersey.

Before you finalize your car insurance purchase, it’s helpful to know the following tips. Try to compare the benefits of the various policies that companies offer.

  • Shop for what you need: Some car insurance companies specialize in offering policies to drivers with poor driving records or DUIs, for example.
  • Collision Coverage: Keep your eyes peeled for collision coverage. Some policies, while significantly cheaper than others, will only offer half or 1/3 of the value of needed repairs, in the event of a car accident.
  • Incentives: Many automobile insurance companies provide incentives to good drivers if they maintain an excellent driving record for a period of time. These incentives can be monetary or in other forms.

Here are just a few auto insurance companies to consider in New Jersey:

Estir Insurance Agency

Estir Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that’s been in operation for 23 years. They’re guaranteed many more successful years, as well; in addition to their original location in the city of Newark, they’ve recently expanded into the city of Princeton. Estir Insurance offers a lovely selection of insurance policies like auto insurance, home insurance commercial insurance, and even employment services. Estir Insurance Agency also has an excellent and informative web page, if you want to find out more.

NJM Insurance Group

Based out of Trenton, NJM Insurance Group is an insurance agency that specializes in automobile insurance policies. They also serve areas outside of New Jersey’s capital, as well as areas in Pennsylvania. In addition to automobile insurance policies, NJM Insurance Group also offers its younger customers driving classes. NJM Insurance Group has served its customers for more than 100 years.

Royale Insurance

Royale Insurance is an insurance agency that offers a full range of services, from automobile insurance to homeowner’s insurance. Located in the casino-friendly city of Jersey City, Royale Insurance offers competitively-priced policies from larger insurance corporations, tailored to fit the unique and individual needs of each one of its customers.


New Jersey isn’t short on great automobile insurance companies. Estir Insurance Agency and Royale Insurance offer a wide range of insurance options while NJM Insurance solely specializes in automobile coverage.