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The land of a thousand lakes may have even more insurance companies than it does lakes. A lot of these companies offer automobile insurance, along with many other forms of relevant insurance. Take a look at three of Minnesota’s best automobile insurance agencies in the cities of Duluth, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

Before you finalize your car insurance purchase, it’s helpful to know the following tips. Try to compare the benefits of the various policies that companies offer.

  • Shop for what you need: Some car insurance companies specialize in offering policies to drivers with poor driving records or DUIs, for example.
  • Collision Coverage: Keep your eyes peeled for collision coverage. Some policies, while significantly cheaper than others, will only offer half or 1/3 of the value of needed repairs, in the event of a car accident.
  • Incentives: Many automobile insurance companies provide incentives to good drivers if they maintain an excellent driving record for a period of time. These incentives can be monetary or in other forms.

Here are just a few auto insurance companies to consider in Minnesota:

Abbot Insurance Agency

Although it’s based out of the city of Minneapolis, Abbot Insurance Agency serves the entire state of Minnesota. Abbot Insurance Agency, rather than offering their own policies, utilizes the policies offered by bigger insurance corporations, such as AAA and Progressive. They tailor these policies to fit their customer’s needs, while also finding the lowest rates available. Abbot Insurance Agency offers two primary forms of insurance: automobile insurance and renters insurance.

Abbott Insurance

Abbott Insurance (Not to be mistaken with Abbot Insurance Agency) offers its customers premium insurance policies, hand-picking the policies from twelve certified, proven insurance companies. Locally owned and operated since 1967, Abbott Insurance offers residents of St. Paul and the surrounding areas automobile insurance, boat insurance, homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters insurance and RV insurance. The choices are practically limitless.

Cartier Agency

Cartier Agency is an insurance agency that offers a large amount of insurance products and services to its customers. In addition to personal and commercial automobile insurance plans, Cartier Agency also offers home insurance, farm insurance, life insurance, RV insurance, and trucking insurance. Cartier Agency serves the city of Duluth.


Abbot Insurance Agency and Abbott Insurance specialize in personal insurance, such as automobile insurance, boat insurance, and homeowners insurance. Cartier Agency provides a little more policy selection than the previous two agencies. Abbot Insurance Agency operates in Minneapolis, Abbott Insurance operates out of St. Paul, and Cartier Agency is located in the city of Duluth.