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Located in the Midwest region of the USA, the state of Iowa is one of the flattest states you can set foot on. Its winters are rough, which is why it’s important to make sure your car is insured if you there. Thankfully, Iowa has many excellent automobile insurance companies at its disposal. Let’s take a look at three of these companies.

Before you finalize your car insurance purchase, it’s helpful to know the following tips. Try to compare the benefits of the various policies that companies offer.

  • Shop for what you need: Some car insurance companies specialize in offering policies to drivers with poor driving records or DUIs, for example.
  • Collision Coverage: Keep your eyes peeled for collision coverage. Some policies, while significantly cheaper than others, will only offer half or 1/3 of the value of needed repairs, in the event of a car accident.
  • Incentives: Many automobile insurance companies provide incentives to good drivers if they maintain an excellent driving record for a period of time. These incentives can be monetary or in other forms.

Here are just a few auto insurance companies to consider in Iowa:

Montgomery-St.John Insurance Agency

Montgomery-St. John Insurance Agency is an automobile insurance agency that offers more than car coverage for residents of Des Moines and the surrounding areas. In addition to many personal and commercial automobile insurance policies, they also offer home, business, and life insurance. They’re locally owned and operated, as well.

Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency

Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency works hard to ensure its clients get an extremely affordable and personalized insurance policy. Their agents ensure that they’ll cater to your needs, above anything else. Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency serves the city of Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas and offers a range of products such as automobile, business, life, and health insurance.

Jorgensen Insurance Agency

Serving the city of Davenport, Jorgensen Insurance Agency specializes in automobile, homeowners, life, and health insurance policies. The options are practically limitless, as far as what you can get insured by their firm; from recreational vehicle insurance to motorcycle insurance, you’ll be covered.


Montgomery-St. John Insurance Agency is a locally-owned and operated insurance agency that specializes in automobile insurance policies amongst other forms of insurance. Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency offers a large selection of coverage and takes pride in being quite amiable to its customers and clients. The Jorgensen Insurance Agency can cover anything, for the most part, but specializes in personal and commercial automobile, homeowners, life, and health insurance policies.