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Illinois is home to one of the United States’ most populous cities, Chicago. It’s because of cities like Chicago that we can expect Illinois to have an incredible amount of car insurance companies available to its residents. What about the rest of the state, however? Let’s take a look at three excellent automobile insurance companies, one of which is in the city of Chicago and two which lie elsewhere.

Before you finalize your car insurance purchase, it’s helpful to know the following tips. Try to compare the benefits of the various policies that companies offer.

  • Shop for what you need: Some car insurance companies specialize in offering policies to drivers with poor driving records or DUIs, for example.
  • Collision Coverage: Keep your eyes peeled for collision coverage. Some policies, while significantly cheaper than others, will only offer half or 1/3 of the value of needed repairs, in the event of a car accident.
  • Incentives: Many automobile insurance companies provide incentives to good drivers if they maintain an excellent driving record for a period of time. These incentives can be monetary or in other forms.

Here are just a few auto insurance companies to consider in Illinois:

Insurance On The Spot

Its name suggests that its quick, a trait that may not bode well with many of its prospective customers. If you check out the testimonials on Insurance On The Spot’s website, however, you’ll find it easy to remove any foreboding thoughts you had about the company, based on its name. Insurance On The Spot offers low insurance rates to residents of the city of Chicago. While it indeed only offers automobile insurance, it’s rates are incredibly cheap; anyone can get their vehicle insured.

Harkness Insurance

Harkness Insurance is an independently owned and operated insurance agency that provides its services to the city of Rockford. Harkness Insurance provides competitive auto, life, home, and personal catastrophe insurance policies. Harkness Insurance also has another location, located in the city of Lexington, Kentucky.

Olin Insurance

Olin Insurance is a small, independently owned insurance agency that serves the cities of Joliet and Shorewood, as well as the surrounding rural areas. Olin Insurance provides its city-dwelling customers with the service and feel of a local, family-owned agency. They provide insurance for automobiles, businesses, homes, and more.


Insurance On The Spot provides insanely cheap rates for residents of the Chicago area. Harkness Insurance and Olin Insurance are both independently owned and operated, offering their customers insurance products from some of the nation’s most well-known carriers.